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7 Benefits of Using Body Scrub

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

When you’re on the road all the time, it’s easy for debris to clog your pores and cause a breakout. There are a variety of skincare secrets you can use to clear your face. It is also important to remove dead skin cells from your body so new cells have time to rebuild.

What’s the quickest way to remove dead skin cells? The key is to use an effective exfoliating body scrub infused with essential oils.

Here are 7 tried and tested benefits of body scrub—and why you should start using it if you don’t already:

Benefit of Body Scrub #1: Exfoliate Skin

The most important benefit of body scrub is exfoliation, an essential step to achieving your most radiant skin. It’s necessary to exfoliate regularly to keep healthy skin cell turnover. Removing dry/dead skin cells from the surface of your skin helps it to stay soft and healthy. The best body scrub to remove dead skin contains rose essential oil.

TIP: For a more thorough exfoliation, allow warm water to soften your skin for several minutes before applying body scrub. Apply your scrub using a circular motion and gentle pressure, concentrating on dry and rough areas.

Benefit of Body Scrub #2: Create Glowing Skin

Using body scrub is a wonderful way to increase blood circulation, resulting in healthy and glowing skin. This benefit of body scrub is one of my favorites because it also allows for better absorption of nutrients from the body oil, nourishing your skin from the inside out. The best body scrub for glowing skin contains jojoba essential oil.

Benefit of Body Scrub #3: Reduce Signs of Aging

Exfoliating your skin with body scrub downplays wrinkles and makes your best features stand out so you radiate confidence. Not only is a benefit of body scrub that it fights signs of aging, but it helps your skin maintain a natural glow while you’re at it. The best body scrub to reduce signs of aging is one that contains Tamanu Oil.

Benefit of Body Scrub #4: Promote Clear Skin

A popular benefit of body scrub is that it can help your skin avoid breakouts so you look and feel more confident. The best body scrub to promote clear skin contains tea tree essential oil, one of my staple essential oils for treating acne.

Benefit of Body Scrub #5: Enhance Skin Texture

Not only is a benefit of body scrub that it can enhance your skin texture, but it also can brighten your skin—helping it look fresh and youthful. The best body scrub for this contains rose essential oil. It helps to close your pores, reduce redness, and smooth your skin.

Benefit of Body Scrub #6: Improve Skin Elasticity

One of the best benefits of body scrub is improved skin elasticity, deterring stretch marks and fine lines. Simply massage your skin in circular motions in the shower when you apply body scrub. The best body scrubber to do this with is a wet or dry body brush.

Benefit of Body Scrub #7: Wash Away Self-Tanner

A benefit of body scrub is that it can help remove or tone down your self-tanner, making it look more natural. Before you apply your self-tanner, gently exfoliate your skin with body scrub. The best body scrub to remove self-tanner contains rose essential oil.


Body scrub is an essential beauty product that removes dead skin cells, creates glowing skin, and washes away self-tanner.

More benefits of body scrub include:

  • Reduces signs of aging
  • Promotes clear skin
  • Enhances skin texture

Take advantage of every benefit of body scrub, and start your new skincare regimen today.

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