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A collection brought to life by Mother and Daughter, Heather and Isabel. Inspired by generations of knowledge and their shared passion for mastering natures purest elements, using them to reach a level of ultimate self-care; The Isa Lazo collection was born.

With the careful extraction of nature’s gentle healing properties; Isa Lazo offers the promise of nourishing and beautiful skin care that will form your daily rituals for years to come.

The two of us have always been a team. From the very beginning, our mother-daughter relationship has always shared a love for adventure, creativity and dreaming big.

Childhoods spent playing in a variety of landscapes and hand-making soaps evolved into an appreciation and passion for the power and beauty of the Earth’s elements. Road-trips and long haul flights were spent imagining the ways we could bring our dreams and interests to life.

Both living nomadic lives, we have had the opportunity to explore and immerse ourselves in the many landscapes of the Earth. The recipes and ideas for our brand have always been with us, traveling from place to place – evolving and expanding.

We find joy in gathering knowledge and inspiration from nature and the people that surround us, and by creating rituals and routines that allow us to feel at home wherever we are. For us, the concept of home is more of a feeling than a physical location–and that feeling is about finding a balance and wellness from within.

We believe in timeless, ageless and gender diverse beauty, so we created a skincare collection that embodies just that. Harnessing the power of the Earth’s most natural ingredients, we carefully curated each product to be efficient, effective and elegant. Products that can be beautifully woven into each individual’s self-care routines and rituals. We have come to realize that challenges are a reliable constant when it comes to starting and owning a business.

A turning point for us was learning to transform these challenging moments. Instead of shying away from challenges and the unknown, we made a conscious effort to embrace them as they arose and turn them into moments of learning and growth.

In such a busy and hectic world, we want to give emphasis to the importance of self-care. Cherishing the moments we dedicate to ourselves and creating rituals and routines that nourish our bodies, but also enrich our souls.

We believe that beauty is timeless and ageless–beauty is feeling at home in your skin.

Isabel & Heather

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