A Modern Classic - The Art of Male Grooming

A rise towards the revival of traditional male grooming has seen a new focus on old fashioned regimes that go beyond soap and water. This movement has resulted in increased products on the market and barbers adopting grooming techniques such as hot towel shaves and gatsby-esque clean-cut styling.

In a world of increased choice and an overall faster lifestyle pace, it is difficult to slow down and dedicate time to self-care. The importance of male skincare can often be overlooked, and with a predominant focus on female audiences, it is crucial to recognise this importance of honing in on simple but sophisticated daily rituals.


Freedom in the male grooming industry means there is now a space to be defined and rules to be written. Adopting a skincare routine is more than just a nod to physical wellbeing - it is a considered approach to living. There is an art to looking good, feeling good and living good. Not only does a healthy skincare routine boost physical benefits but it harnesses confidence, increased performance, and aids overall mental clarity. Allowing discerning gents to focus on the other important areas of life.



For centuries, there have been connections drawn between gold and youth, with Ancient Egypt adopting rituals of sleeping in golden masks to help prolong the ageing process. Bring back an element of tradition with our core liquid gold collection - a collection that celebrates masculine luxury and indulgence. Meet the new modern classics.


For the face

An important and sophisticated element of skincare routines. Visible daily stresses and the harsh effects of shaving are actively targeted by replenishing and invigorating the skin with facial toners and oils.

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For the body

Made up of reparative formulas, body scrub and oil provide an all-over reset, ultimately enhancing performance whilst simultaneously allowing you to wind down.

Oils that go hand in hand with the wider collection to combat the effects of sport, travel, and life stresses.

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