Isa Lazo on Location: The White Isle

There is an art that can be found through the development of rituals. From the first taste of morning caffeine to the beginnings of an evening skincare routine, it is these moments, big or small, that truly bring us to ourselves. Whether home or afar, it is these habits that allow us to reconnect even when we don't realise we need to. With Isa Lazo on Location, not only can you find connections with physical spaces, but a mental refresh - wherever you are in the world. 


We're taking to the white isle, an island that is the epitome of what we as humans often seek. Ibiza is a warm invitation of isolation. A creative space for freedom of the mind, body and soul. It is a place that holds alignment with the Isa Lazo core collection due to its magnetism for tranquillity, spiritualism, and calming associations with nature.



Tucked away on the island, we located bohemian retreats that evoke a true feeling of escapism. There is a synergy between walking barefoot in this hedonists haven, matching the scents of the ocean and local wildflowers with your recently applied skincare. 



The perfect blend of minimalism and Mediterranean living is a mirror of the perfectly infused natural elements that make up the signature collection. The harsh contrasts between light and shadow, concrete and nature, sound and peacefulness - Ibiza is home to spaces that invite you to lounge and linger hydrated by Body Oil after a day of sun-soaked pleasure.


A place to evoke island life and feeling of freedom, wearing little more than a sheath, body and facial oil, plus a sense of contentment. Re-live these moments for years to come - transport yourself to the island, the sea breeze, and the whisper of hydration that rests on the surface of your skin.



Remember, you can make everywhere home with the familiarity of a routine.